Welcome to Connected Care

“We cannot change the outcome, but we can affect the journey.”

Ann Richardson, a hospice volunteer.

Welcome to Connected Care

Why Connected Care?

Many times, the job of a translator and/or interpreter is too formal. We are taught to be neutral and not to show any feelings. Sometimes, this ideology turns into presenting ourselves and presenting the words we use as detached from the conversation. Some people think this can be an acceptable mechanism to prevent vicarious trauma and burnout

I created Connected Care because I am passionate about being the conduit of communication between patients, families and providers when talking and writing about complex medical conditions


Because I think that if I am helping a provider who is showing compassion and understanding to patients and families in English; as an interpreter and translator, I should be showing the same type of attitude to respect the effort that the clinician is making. 

It’s more than words. 

Being an language professional is not simply transferring words from one language to another. It also entails being loyal with how the provider feels and how they want to communicate with their patients and families.

It’s awareness.

There are key elements that many providers don’t know that exist to be able to work with an interpreter and a translator. However, how will they learn that if nobody is telling them?

From the lenses of a language professional, my hope is to show you those elements and how to implement them.

It’s also culture.

Each person is different and unique, but there are some cultural aspects that can be rooted in people’s lives. To have a strong connection, clinicians should also know more about their patients’ culture.

Final thoughts

Thank you for reading so far into this post. My goal is to help you connect with your patients. I also want to transmit in Spanish the same feelings and ideas you transmit to your English speaking patients. 

Take a first step. Download your free class to learn 3 Latino cultural constructs to improve your communication.


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About the author of this Blog

I am Daniela E. Obregón

When I became a translator and an interpreter, I knew I had to do something to help people with the skills I had.

In the 7 years I spent working in hospitals, I saw how healthcare professionals gave it all for their patients and how taxing it was to deliver devastating news. Many times, without success they struggled to connect with patients that spoke another language.

It isn’t a matter of words, it is about understanding the patient’s culture, their family, their needs. It’s about finding the right words in the right setting for the right person.

That’s what needed to change.

In Connected Care, I do just that. I connect clinicians with patients with words that show compassion, care, help, even when there are many reasons to feel devastated.

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